in this recession, dingy, ghetto, marvelous is how we rolled last wednesday night. we met up with our sgv guru, danny, for some cheapo eats, korean style. first stop, DGM.


if u want to feel like ur drinking in ghetto fab korea with solid authentic bar food, this is the place.

note: the entrance to dwitgolmok (back alley) is literally IN THE BACK. u can see the place from wilshire but u gotta enter through the back.

come m-f before 8pm, ALL food is 50% off. yep, that’s right FITTTY percent off ALL FOOD. naturally, the korean in me ruvs it.

some highlights:

ahl tahng

fish egg stew (ahl tahng)- so good here. the fish roe is soft and delicious, not dry and crumbly like some places. there’s also other treasures in the stew like fish intestines. oh yum. the spicy broth just hits the spot.



fried shrimp- fried perfection. almost like tempura. hot and crispy but not too bready. so good. 9 of these large suckers for a mere $6.50 at happy hour. I’m lovin’ it.



soondae bokum- not as good as hite’s version of this but not bad at all. thick slices of soondae, dak myun (clear glass noodles, think jap chae), and lots of great greens like boo choo (chives) and ggen ip (sesame leaf).  this ginorm portion is also a steal for only $6.50 during hh.

ggo-chees (yakitori skewers)


speecy, spicy goodness. the outside is slightly fried and crispy. nom, nom nom.



meh. microscopic scallops and so, so chewy chicken gizzard.


plain jane buttons

at hh, most of these are only a buck. thats right, ONE DOLLA. the rice cake one is spicy but yummy (the texture of the slightly fried outside is great). chicken gizzard is okay but kinda chewy (and impossible to get off the skewer). scallops u can definitely skip (tiny and salty. couldnt even identify them as scallops). the mushroom one uses button mushrooms and is pretty ordinary but for only a dollar can u really complain about any of these??  (ok maybe except the microscopic, salty scallops)



no hh prices on booze but thats how they get u. that and they charge $1 for each bowl of rice.

no worries though. the cheap eats more than make up for it. come before 8pm and don’t get crazy with the booze and go low carb. ur wallet, liver, and gut will thank u.

on our way out, my korean senses quickly spotted signs for 50% off NRB (norebang/karaoke) for the DGM nrb next door. that’s right, before midnight on weekdays, karaoke AND food is 50% off. we made a “casual” note of it. lol

next stop, our favorite ice cream spot, SCOOPS!


ok fine, this wasn’t what we had that night (count ’em 10 scoops!). this pic is from a scoops “tasting” we had a couple months back with 10 delicious mystery flavors. ok but THAT night we had some more ridiculously good flavors such as pistachio rum, lychee mango (!!), chocolate cinnamon, and of course my all time favorite grapenut goodness, brownnn breeeeead!

next stop, we’re getting thirsty again, so off to 4100 bar.


love this spot. love the chill vibe and swanky interior. love, love, LOVE the music. awesome jukebox.  the beer selection isn’t stellar but with arrogant bastard, guinness, and new castle on tap, how can this girl complain. tai even later joined us for a drink! I was sittin’ pretty with my brews and boys when……

at this point, I “gently” remind the boys about that 50% off NRB. danny starts laughing and then immediately stops when he notices I’m not, “wait, are u serious?”

I’ve got a grin on my face and nod, FO SHIZZ!!

yep, we went back to DGM. no more room for food but now we had some liquid courage in us to belt out some tunes. I will not disclose any more of the craziness and gayness that occurred in that room(asian guys + endless songbooks of britney, backstreet boys, nsync, etc. + tambourine = mucho gayness and good times) but let me tell u it was overall, FUN.

and thats how we roll….(count ’em…4 cha on a wednesday night! not too shabby, I say!)


DGM- dwitgolmok, 3275 wilshire blvd los angeles, CA 90010. (213) 382-8432.

scoops, 712 n heliotrope dr, los angeles, CA 90029. (323) 906-2649.

4100 bar, 1087 manzanita st, los angeles, CA 90029. (323) 666-4460.