no, this is not a psych post.


maybe it’s the chilly weather but ever since first trying it with matthew and danny 2 saturdays ago,  my nightly dreams have consisted of :

 stinky tofu, intestine, meatball, clam, pickle vettie, quail egg, chive, cilantro, mini sausage, enoki mushroom, fishcake, pork, cabbage and tomato…

 aka boiling point’s house special stinky pot!


stinkyoh jessssssssss…I can almost smell it (big enough, dear? :P)

that’s hot. these individualized hot pots are f’n amazing and absolutely delicious. yes, its stanky but its so sooo good. the three sauces that u can dip ur myster meat yummies were great too: garlicky soy sauce, chili oil, spicy bean paste (like ssam jang). matthew felt more “civilized” and ordered the seafood hot pot that was also good but tasted a lot like a fresh and clean seafood soon dubu. still good but house special stinky pot, I love u!!

at lunch they’re only $8.99 (also comes with rice or clear noodles to add into pot) with drink included too (like ice green tea). dinner is only a buck more at $9.99 but no drink. still a great deal imo.

next time, I’m getting it with a side of  the pork blood cake! yes, my brother always teased me as a kid that I like the funky stuff. what can I say? NOM NOM NOM 🙂


don’t even want to imagine but freud would say…


boiling point, 153 Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755. (626) 288-9876