I wasn’t awesome enough to actually eat this for breakfast. I am no champion but like most breakfast items, I enjoyed this late at night.

on our way back from scoops last night (after a dinner at spicy bbq and I’ll save my rant on northern thai cuisine for a future post ), I excitedly checked the three pints of ice cream tai had so generously packed us to take home. talk about a blind tasting. I was too impatient to wait until we got home to check out the mystery flavors he packed us so we opened each in the pitch black car and took a taste of each: classic brown bread (my all time fav), pistachio fig (tasted this that night, it is absolutely DIVINE), and apple pie (my brother would LOVE this. think literally an apple pie a-la-mode all smashed together).

of course, when the weather is cold, I’m the only person who craves cold treats like ice cream and cold beer . after the blind tasting in the car I was reminded of something interestingly delicious I saw on the menu at yardhouse a few nights ago, young’s chocolate stout with vanilla ice cream.

then pure genius hit. combining my two loves: brown bread + guinness = guinness brown bread float! we both got excited at the brilliant idea, started giggling madly like two japanese school girls, made an immediate stop at vons to pick up a sixer and went straight home to make our irish breakfast of champions.

step 1: scoops classic brown bread


(candied grapenuts, caramel, ice cream). I’d been eating the poor man’s version of brown bread all my life,  grapenuts over my ice cream. actually almost any cereal all over my ice cream, so when I first had this refined version at scoops, ’twas love-at-first-bite. scoops flavors change everyday but brown bread is the one staple flavor that u can find there EVERYday, woo hoo!

step 2: guinness draught


one of my all time favorite beers. I can’t stand it when ppl(especially dudes) gawk at me for loving this beer whining that its “too thick,” “too dark,” “like a meal in a glass.” WAH WAH WAH. guinness is EXTREMELY smooth, tastes like a cappucino and is actually LESS calories than most beers (only 10 calories more than bud light at a mere 125 calories, pansies!)

 step 3: the holy matrimony of two loves


other than just the amazing flavor of guinness, I LOVE watching guinness being poured into a glass (and can appreciate when bartenders pour it THE RIGHT way). I then love to just patiently watch the ripples of a gorgeous irish rainbow in my glass and wait for it to all settle. poured over 2 scoops of brown bread, this irish rainbow did not disappoint.

step 4: I present to u, world, the birth of the most delicious irish breakfast of champions:


guinness brown bread float (!!!!!!!!!!!!)  OH that’s what IIIIIIII’mmm talkin’ boutttttt…..this picture illustrates the irish rainbow quite nicely, eh? 🙂 (2 “pots-of-gold” scoops of brown bread ice cream buried inside)

how did it taste? even better than we fathomed it would. think smooth dark coffee with the immediate sweetnes of creamy, caramel ice cream, finished off with the crunchiness of grape nuts. *insert eye rollllllllllllllllllllll here* (and no, not rachael ray style. those near and dear to me know I just want to smack her in the face at the mere image of her. yeah, I’m a meanie, what)

 and be sure to eat it with a spoon, kiddies! not quite sure if it will jump start ur day but enjoy! 🙂


scoops, 712 n heliotrope dr, los angeles, CA 90029. (323) 906-2649.