only good reason to wake up early on the weekends?  6 letters: B-R-U-N-C-H)

so on this saturday morning, I roll out of bed, wash my face, throw on clothes and declare “I’ve got a  hankerin for some messican b-fast. hole-in-the-wall style, please. yo quiero huevos rancheros STAT” I remembered having this place in lincoln heights bookmarked forever and today was the morning….oh finally, here we come, el huarachito!


we walk in and smells delicious. we’re the only asians and non-espanol speakers in the restaurant but no worries, their menus are in english and their bilingual servers are extremely friendly.

first up, some house made chips and salsa


the chips were fantastic and the smokey salsa kicked us off to a great start



holy guacamole. they asked us if it was our first time there (we obviously looked like newbs. haha) and when we said it was, our lovely waitress came out with some complementary guac to welcome us. delicioso!

to drink we ordered a fresh cucumber and lemon juice


wow, what a surprise. this was our first time trying cucumber juice and it was extremely refreshing and but also surprisingly kinda savory. maybe they added a leeetle salt (or maybe not). the cucmber and lemon combo in a drink was great and its served in a ginormous cup. it was impossible to finish for even 2.

I love me my mexican soup.


hearty pozole. I heart soup in general but mexican soups are a great weakness of mine. there were so many to choose from (menudo, caldo de pollo, birria, etc.) I was in mexican soup heaven. after minutes of indecisiveness we opted for the pozole bc matthew had never tried it before. this hearty bowl was packed with tons of hominy, tender soft pork goodness, etc. I loved how they give u a huge plate with all the condiments that u can dump into the soup (cabbage, onions, cilantro, lime, etc). it was devoured with the warm homemade corn tortillas, so good, so good. next time, I must attack the birria or menudo (only served on weekends though)

this bowl took me back to one of my fondest memories of eating pozole at a random pozole/breakfast place off the beaten path in ensenada. no english menus or speakers there but we got by and had the best pozole breakfast ever.



don’t mess with me and my pozole.  (and on weekend mornings I also don’t mess with any makeup. lol breakfast is literally the FIRST thing on my mind :P)

and because this place IS called el huarachito, we had to order the chorizo huarache.

chorizohuarachehuarache means “sandal” which is thick fried masa dough in the shape of a flip flop. its topped with the meat of your choosing, covered with guac, sprinkled with cotija cheese, cilantro and drizzled with milky crema. the “sandal” is filled with a thin layer of refried beans.

I’ve had this once before at huarache azteca in highland park and must say I liked their version better. this one was good but the fried corn masa bottom was a bit soggy (I like it fried a little harder with more crisp) the chorizo was also a bit salty.

and of course the star of the meal…


the BEST huevos rancheros EVER. wow. the ranchero sauce was stellar and the eggs were cooked oh so perfectly with that runny yolk.  served with excellent refried beans and potatoes. this wonderful dish was also priced ever so reasonably at $4.95!

 u can also get this topped with ur favorite meat of choice (carne asada, pastor, chorizo, etc) and even have a huevos nopales but we decided to just get it plain and simple. wow, this “simple” dish really blew us away. next time, we also gotta try the chilaquiles.

prices are reasonable and portions are generous to say the least (this “breakfast” at 10am carried us well into dinner. lol)  they have quite an extensive menu with not just breakfast but lunch and dinner options also.  this really is delicious mexican comfort food at its best without having to go south of the border and for those us who don’t have a mexican mama or tia to cook for us.

 this wonderful breakfast was followed by a lazy afternoon of watching cooking shows (the best ones are on klcs on saturday afternoons) and then immediately followed by a 2 hour siesta. haha. this is my perfect saturday… 🙂


el huarachito. 3010 n broadway, los angeles, CA 90031. (323) 223-0476