learning to use a d50.  I never thought I’d get sucked into the dslr world bc it looks so hard to take good pics but I must admit practicing and learning has been too much fun.

past few days I’ve been eating around town with just me and the cam. i present to u my uber newb first batch of pics…(hot off the sd card, next I need to learn how to edit pics with photoshop haha)

dutch oven bakery


blueberry honey muffin

dsc_3842bran and almond honey muffin

both muffins also tasted delicious. per josh’s tweet about these honey muffins being the single best baked dessert in the city, I had to rush over. loved the textures of the caramelized sticky dome outside and the moist inside.

I was sitting alone outside at a table and some man walks by saying “aww, look, the girl’s taking a picture of her cupcake.”

I wanted to give him an evil snarling glare  saying “this is a f’n gorgeous and mouth watering blueberry honey muffin, buddy!” but instead I just coyly smiled back 😛

happy hour at fig restaurant

this was a fun yelp event where  25 lucky yelpers were invited to taste and sample fig’s new fig at five happy hour menu (available 5-6pm, each selection is $5)

dsc_3927arugula and olive oil infused butter they’re not joking when they say their menu is market driven. the arugula and olive oil make u feel a leeetle less guilty when spread on top of this crusty goodness…


scrumptious baguette

gorgeous and divine charcuterie and cheese

dsc_3929omg cashew butter, jelly and blue cheese sammich trust me, the flavors are sheer decadence in ur mouth.

dsc_3930la quercia american proscuitto– heavenly pork shavings

dsc_3946braised beef tongue with tomatillo and radish after reading gourmet pig’s review of this place and this dish, I was so excited to try this. It was even better that I imagined it to be. the beef tongue is one of the most tender preparations I’ve had and the slightly tart tomatillo sauce was just stellar. after seeing how much I enjoyed this dish, the assistant director of food and beverage, matthew, was generous enough to bring out 2 more servings (!)

chef ray garcia was a joy to talk to as he came around to each table explaining his concept and food

dsc_39641my compliments to the chef

needless to say, I was one happy camper. what made the food even better? paired with glasses of their juve y camps cava, lois gruner veltliner, pierre spar gerwurtztraminer, and a delicious cab franc (forgot the name but its the most balanced cab franc ive ever tasted) their happy hour wine list is solid and priced at the oh-so-reasonable $5/glass!


matthew was kind enough to even bring out their feature draft which is a quadruple dutch ale (not a happy hour special though)

dsc_3963think chimay meets arrogant bastard

later in the evening, the bartender thought I might enjoy this (I apologize for the blurry pic..yes, I am a work in progress :P)

dsc_40001cucumber and lavender cocktail arromatic, light, sweet, refreshing

a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to go back for dinner to try the rest of their menu 🙂

HELP! not only am I hooked on good food and drink, now I’m hooked on dslrs too 😛

dutch oven bakery, 2281 lake ave, altadena, ca 91001. (626) 794-3555

fig restaurant, 101 wilshire blvd, santa monica, ca 90401. (310) 319-3111. www.figsantamonica.com