*cue boyz II men’s “it’s so hard to say goodbye” *

there was a pioneer chicken next to the church I grew up and attended from birth til the end of high school. default kids lunch every sunday was usually this crispy, crunchy, greasy goodness. so sad was the day, pioneer turned into a popeyes. popeyes chicken is still crispy, crunchy,  greasy and good but its so not the same (wah wah wah!) pioneer’s skin is definitely saltier and crunchier (in a good way).

ever since, I’ve seen a few locations here and there in passing and I always tell myself “OH I gotta go back!!” but it wasn’t until we drove by the sunset location and heard they were kicking the bucket (har har har) in a week, we stopped by that instant. I needed to properly say my farewells.


it was bittersweet but u can imagine giddy and glee when FINALLY walking into this place. first thing u notice is the smell of that greasy fried goodness thick in the air. oh, just like how I remembered. I could remember the taste of the fried batter almost instantly.

however, looking around, some things had DEFINTELY changed. back in the day, the menu was simple. fried chicken and the usual sides.

NOW, it was sign sensory overload all over the place as the walls and menu boards were filled with signs of menu items like, pastrami sandwiches, shish kabobs, rotisserie chicken, baked potatoes, burritos, fish’n chips?! WTH?!?!?!?

I even saw on the menu buckets of deep fried liver and gizzards. OK, my favorite offals deep fried in that nostalgic greasy batter?? DONE. one bucket of offals, 2 pieces of fried chicken and biscuit coming right up!


omg, u guys smell just as good as I remember…







offaly deadly delicious- oh yes, the deadly deep fried batter I remembered from so long ago paired with lovely offals were delicious death. the batter was SO DAMN crunchy and greasy! this tastes SO WRONG! (but soooo right :P)



nostalgic fried chicken wonder- the fried chicken was just as good as I had remembered it from the days of chinese jump rope and slap bracelets. it was almost comedic to see how crunchy and greasy the skin was. the delicious dark meat inside was moist as can be. I would’ve easily been 200 pounds by senior year of high school if pioneer stayed open next to my church and I ate it every sunday.


*sniff sniff* goodbye my pretties…

update: ok turns out, its the original location in echo park that is closing. this location I visited on sunset is still open!! w00t!!!! viva la pioneer chicken! let us rejoice in that this deadly fried goodness lives on! ! (but our hearts won’t if we eat this more than once every 15 years..which is when I probably last had it)

pioneer chicken, 4376 w sunset blvd, los angeles, ca 90029, (323) 663-2441