last night at susan feniger’s brand spankin’ new restaurant, street….



I swear our sever encouraged me to do so…



in a single picture, this was what I thought of more than half the dishes we had last night.  the highlights being:  saang paneer, kokum dal, and rice plate, cuban stuffed potato cake (don’t worry, worlds away from porto’s), vietnamese corn and omaahhggaahhhtt the kaya toast!!!

in a nutshell, there were many hits (above), some that were good (but just needs some fine tuning) and only one major miss (yes, I swear we wanted to like it was but it was the $16 pho. so bad, please, just take it off the menu, susan)

this menu is extremely ambitious covering so many countries and spices/ingredients all on ONE menu. I highly commend feniger for bringing this menu to their highland/melrose location in los angeles and introducing many  new flavors to angelenos palates. definitely a great starting place to introduce these new flavors/dishes to the people of la.


it was such a pleasure speaking susan feniger with her about her concept and food. she even gave us a tour of their ridiculously small kitchen and crazy woodfire oven. u will have a whole another level of “wow”ness and awe when u see the closet of a kitchen all the food comes out of (its literally half the size of mine at home)

it was so nostalgic coming back to this space since I used to frequent it every thursday for open mic night when it was highland grounds. the space is revamped but I really love what they’ve done with it. the staff and especially our server, minda were outstanding.  we will definitely return in the next coming weeks…



susan feniger’s street, 742 n. highland, hollywood, (323) 203-0500,