yes much has happened in the last couple of weeks but before I post about all that, this is an entry from my backlog buildup (eek).

yeah yeah, the la curry festival was over a month ago. it was a fun day so here it is.  i still gots the writers block and so my lazy arse will post up the pics. my words will be few.

la curry festival sunday, april 5

cfonly in la…a million vendors/booths of thai, thai-chinese, indonesian goodies packed on hollywood blvd and packed to the gills with ppl too


hot, hot heat (not the food, seriously its just f’n hot outside! feels like super summer and its barely april)


cute– fun for the whole fam


booths and booths of grilled galore– chicken skewers

curry festival

juicy sausages. these babies were as plump and delicious as they look. sweet and savory, oh yum.

the winning curry- simpang asia



tasty curry bites– indonesian martabak (curry omelette- warm and fluffy) and kroket (indonesian curry croquette- tastes strikingly similar to an indonesian version of portos potato ball)


winner, winner chicken (curry) dinner- indonesian beef and chicken curry (oddly enough this was the only curry we came across in the entire festival but it was delicious.  next day, we found out it was the winner)



addictingly delicious mango sticky rice– no condensed milk needed, the super sweet mango paired with the sticky rice were just heavenly

and yes even with all those goodies, something’s missing…

“I can’t……sat-is-fac-tion…”

…’til I get my favorite bowl of thai boat noodles. good thing it’s just down the street 🙂


offal goodness–  the heartiest and most satisfying bowl of thai boat noodles can be found at sapp coffee shop

that was a fun day so. cal sunday


la curry festival– hollywood blvd. btw western ave. and vermont ave. los angeles, ca

sapp coffee shop– 5183 hollywood blvd, los angeles, ca 90027. (323) 665-1035