thanks to fooddigger, my first fix came even earlier than my first ress on friday. heck, it was even before opening night.

the anticipation had been killing me to finally return home, I mean, back at ludobites. on the drive there, i was so excited, i could hardly stay still in my seat. im talkin, imma-pee-in-my-pants-so-freakin-excited.

the drive wasn’t the usual 45 min to hour and a half either. in less than 20 min, ta-daaa, I was already home, sweet home 🙂

the new digs of ludobites 4.0

*open sesame*

*continuing sound of musics “favorite things“*

“cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels…”

now let’s get down to business!

Tartine Plate "Three Fat Textures" at Ludobites 4.0

tartine plate- "three fat textures"

lavendar lard, clarified butter, whipped brown butter, oh my. the lavender lard was reminiscent of ludo’s lavendar honey butter (the “omfg butter”) from LB 2.0 days @ breadbar but sans honey. (no worries, they put the honey back in by night 2, 4/9/10 :)…yes, it is even better than the “omfg butter” from LB 2.0).

the whipped brown butter was also tasty and the clarified butter was just ridiculously delicious. I broke a piece of my baguette and soaked that shizz in thurr. NOM. sadly, the clarified butter is no more 😦 (gone by 4/9/10)

Egg, Potato Mousseline, Lobster and Borage at Ludobites 4.0

egg, potato mousseline, lobster, borage flower

the first “OMFG” at first bite exclamation of the night.

and then it just kept getting better. *insert 398439 more exclamations here*

Egg, potato mousseline, lobster, borage flower at Ludobites 4.0

hidden treasure, oh-my


hidden inside the warm, creamy, rich potato mousseline is soft, buttery poached lobster, and then *BAM* the 65 degree poached egg yolk joins the partay as it bursts all up in thurr. *YOWZAAAAA*

yeah, i liked it (keke) 🙂 and then wash it down with this lovely number (thanks to vino millionaire matchmaker, domaineLA)

Bedrock Wine Co.

soulmate to dish above

*insert more obscene exclamations here*

yeah, ok I effin loved it. it literally almost brought tears to some. yep, it was that beautiful.

and then FINALLY….

*drum roll, please*

Foie Gras Croque-Monsieur, Lemon Turnip Chutney at Ludobites 4.0

RETURN OF THE CROQUE: foie gras croque-monsieur, lemon turnip chutney


*inhale* *gone* sad face 😦

*crickets* *sigh* *sad face*

yeah, it basically happened that quickly. from what I remember in the 2.5 seconds it was in my mouf, it was pretty damn tasty, although a lil different than LB 2.0 version w cherries (they’re not in season right now, BOO). I think I liked the ex croque a lil better but this ain’t bad. no, not at all.

another familiar face…

Burgundy Escargots, Garlic Flan, Green Jus (Parsley), Yellow Flowers at Ludobites 4.0

burgundy escargots with garlic flan, green jus and yellow flowers

this one also looked a lil familiar from LB 2.0 but now the escargot is over a garlic FLAN. richness to the maximus, this was pretty spectacular. the escargot is also much more tender than I remembered . I <3ed all of ludo’s escargot dishes from2.0 and this one did not disappoint AT ALL. I closed my eyes and savored each bite of this dish (usher style, nice and slow, nowbabytellmewhatyouwannaadowithme) mmmHmmmm

and then the biggest surprise of the night, making the obscene exclamations tear down what was remaining of the roof of gram & papas…


poached jidori chicken, crispy skin with hazelnuts, garden vegetables, bacon royale


let me preface this with, I am not usually a chicken lover unless its deep fried because its usually dry and tasteless.

oh noooo, not this. this was EASILY the moistest chicken I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. like WOAH, LIKE WOW.

and did I mentioned the CRISPY SKIN with HAZELNUTS ON TOP??

Poached Jidori Chicken, Crispy Skin with Hazelnuts, Garden Vegetables, Bacon Royale at Ludobites 4.0

because when u have roasted chicken, its oh so very difficult to get that crispy deep fried skin that everyone loves. fear not, its the BEST of both moist AND fried chicken. the bacon royale adds a pretty damn fancy gravy like sauce and side too. and the leek salad. ahhhhhh, it just took me over the edge. cuts the richness of the gravy and fried goodness with just the right amount of vinegarette. oh and the amazing texture of the leeks…LOVED-IT.

a million thank you’s for the evening go to:

fooddigger and domaineLA

Jill of Domaine LA, Ludobites 4.0

jill of domaineLA and marshall of fooddigger

the beauty and the brains of ludobites:

Krissy Lefebvre at Ludobites 4.0

the beautiful krissy lefebvre

and the crazy chef of the evening (pictured with my entire of the evening)


simple t-shirt, simple message, simply "appropriate"

yeah, will yapped I looked like I was straight out of an 80’s wham music video, whhhaat?? ok so I did. it was literally an x-large t-shirt that I slapped a belt around. but i thought it’d be pretty fitting given the evening 😛 ( btw my intentions were not to actually offend anyone. for shizz and giggles, yknow? :P)

what an AMAZING evening. and to think I couldn’t imagine how it’d get any better….

then my second fix on friday 4/9/10

girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes...”


burgundy escargots with garlic flan, green jus and yellow flowers 2.0

ludo at his finest. changin’ it up ALREADY. not as rich as 2 days before and serious PERFECTION. ludo’s best escargot dish to date.

and then one mo time…


poached jidori chicken, crispy skin and hazelnuts, leek salad, BLACK TRUFFLE & bacon royale 2.0

yeah, he added BLACK TRUFFLE, giving it a lil more of the “heyyehhh” factor. SPECTACULAR.

it was almost equally joyous listening to and watching the rest of the panda fury clan tasting this for the first time. ahh, finally sharing this with the “family” *smillllllllles* 🙂 🙂 🙂

and then a new dish that blew all our minds.

ludo teased me wednesday night by throwing down a stalk of white asparagus asking, “guess what??”

the mean french chef teased me with nostalgic veloute but then apologized friday when he said he didn’t have enough time to make it by friday 😦

well, turn that frown, upside down.


this steak au poivre with that delicious stalk of white asparagus made me fist pound the table a few times….and then some more.

ludo said he learned to cut beef from the japanese.

well, domo arigato, chef LUDO.

steak was juicy and that bone marrow polenta…

’nuff said.

discliamer: i’m also not a big fan of desserts (until I met ludo’s pana cotta and foie gras cupcake)

and then I met:


rasberry religieuse, pistachio parfait

think cream puff to the nth power, making beard papa look like 80/20 ground beef compared to this japanese kobe filet. exquisite.

and we can’t forget the perfect attendees of this perfect evening.


my boys doin’ what they do best


tag team snappin'

kungfoodpanda aka uncle stinky and one of the two hungry pandas, wes aka baby panda

food porn crotch money shootin'

the infamous djjewelz in action



rasberry religieuse & pistachio parfait all up in thurr

limer35 aka remil getting his face stuffed by umma choisauce

and a ludobites dinner isn’t complete without a wacky photoshoot with chef ludo



didn’t think it was possible but second fix was even better than the first.  I am BEYOND ecstatic with the return of ludobites.

This leaves me just hungry for more of all the surprises and treats ludo has in store for us at 4.0. get ready ‘cuz…


food p0rnage courtesy of djjewelz

Ludo Bites 4.0 at Gram and Papa's in Los Angeles