so everyone pls, STFU already. here I am 🙂

my words will be few. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talkin’.

yes I ❤ ludobites. it is no secret. I frequented LB 2.0 from opening week til closing night approx. 23-25 times in a course of 3 months. did I have a problem?


*cue sound of music’s “my favorite things”*
“rain drop on roses and whiskers on kittens…”
ludobites 2.0 @ breadbar

the ORIGINAL duck FAT fried chicken

chorizo, onions, cornichon ice

liquid chorizo soup with icy? yummmmyyy

pannca cotta, caviar, caramel

my kind of ultimo milk dud

the family jewels

chocolate cupcake foie gras chantilly candied bacon almonds maple, oh my

my all time favorite dessert: cupcake and foie? done and DONE.

foie gras black croque monsieur w ham cherry amaretto

best sammich  EVER. I’ve had many restless nights dreaming and yearning for this croque after 2.0’s goodbye. I cried myself to sleep every-damn-night. well weep no mo, ITS BACK at 4.0 (!!!!!!!)

And then the evolution of the most  comforting dish of LB 2.0, I present to u, oxtail polenta:

initial stages of oxtail polenta: budding deliciousness

warranted closed eyes, fist pound on table at first bite *love*

it just keeps getting better

my best friend, oxtail polenta at its gorgeous peak

white asparagus veloute

I was kinda addicted to this bad boy. white asparagus from holland is season limited and so needless to say, I rushed my fat arse over when krissy announced the last night of my white homie veloute *sniff* (thx for saving me the last one, krissy :))

LB 2.0's last veloute on earth

yes, we're painfully shy 😛 (pictured at hatchi)

same night I first met this lovely lady for the very first time 🙂

she first saw me and walked straight towards my veloute and stuck her finger straight into it (seriously, no joke) oye 😛 (ok fine, we’re not thaaat shy). watch us “roleplay aunties” if u ever spot us together 😉

LB 3.0 @ royal/t

veal, udon, kombu dashi, mushrooms & sesame seed miso

not jo oba-chan’s udon but pretty damn phenomenal

foie gras beignet

gotta get me some foie gras up in thurr

scallop, brown Butter, pineapple & black powder

u had me at brown butter

and the love/hate love affair with ludo…

we initially had a rocky start. an ominous call to ludobites inquiring about the evening’s menu, led to a little twitter rant, and thanks to eaterla, voila! D’OH.

after changing ress names and trying to laylow, it was visit #3 in less than a week, krissy finally called me out as “YOU’RE THE TWITTER BITCH!” 😦

but don’t worry kiddies, this story has a happy ending, including 2 new twitter accounts, @chefludo and eventually @frenchchefwife, some cooking in ludo’s kitchen, and 20 something more orgasmic meals 🙂

post effects of when u teach a french man how to make kimchi

we don't always try to kill each other (last night of LB 2.0)

noogie & abuse after months of LB withdrawal (1st night @ 3.0 at royal/t)

back to peas'n carrots

ludo’s telling santa christine what he wants for christmas and I’m gauging he’s put on a few pounds since LB 2.0


4.0 opening 4.8.10

going back for some more coq and the addiction continues…

getting my first 2 fixes this week, see y’all there 😉

photos courtesy of destinationeats, kungfoodpanda, goramen, kevineats, epicuryan, and choisauce. thank u 🙂