*cue kesha‘s “tick tock”*

oh the double down countdown

yep, everyone’s countin’ down for this  one-of-a-kind sammich featuring DOS thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (o.g. recipe or grilled), DOS pieces of bacon, DOS melted slices of monterey jack and pepper jack cheese and colonel’s sauce

sounds pretty naughty right?

Sandwich Calories Fat (g) Sodium (mg)
KFC Original Recipe® Double Down 540 32 1380
KFC Grilled Double Down 460 23 1430

hmmm…..but the calories and fat seem a lil too skimpy, no? c’mon a bk whopper is WAAAAY naughtier, closing out at 670 calories and 40 total g of fat. kfc double down sammich aka DIET WHOPPER (doesn’t sound so bad now, right?)

anywho, so we be countin’ down for monday april 12. as we’re cruising down vine st. after a lazy afternoon of sapp’s thai boat noodle slurpin’, k & l shoppin’, we SLAM the breaks when we see the kfc on vine/de longpere (hollywood blvdish) flashing mugs of this in their windows with the word “NEW.”

j told me to wait in the car as he would “check real quick” if our diet whopper chicken sammich had truly arrived. after the 5 minute mark, I knew something was up but then a few minutes later, I saw a boy with a brown bag and smile walking towards the car…

ruh roh


kfc double down sammich

WOWee. it was torture having to just watch this hot new sammy get its close up photoshoot with djjewelz and WAIT to finally attack it

when it was finally time, I felt almost shy and embarrassed like a lil japanese schoolgirl  sinking my teef into this badboy.


…oh and then “the face.” 10 seconds after I had my first bite, I saw the same face on j. I think i paid too close attention to just the calories and fat content of this and neglected to read the SODIUM content, 1380 m g of it (and still tasting it in my mouth hours later). hypertension by april 12th, anyone?

even the king of fried chicken proclaimed, “c’mon i LOVE fried chicken but even this is too much.” after 2 bites each, we threw it back in the box and back of the car (hoping to forget about it forever).

time passes as we continue the shoppin’ at domaineLA (german gilabert cava FTW!), roamin’ down hollywood blvd like tourists, stuff our faces with dogs from skooby’s & even share a giant slice of sausage pizza at greco’s, oh my

on the drive back home….

c: “wanna make it light tonight and make a salad at home for dinner tonight?

j: ” with our double down as the protein??”

done and DONE.



salad protein: a kfc double down sans 4 bites

add: chopped butter lettuce, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, black beans, avocado, bbq sauce, ranch dressing (“light” dressing if it makes any difference…lol yeah right)


kfc double down sammich chopped and in its finest

ohhhh WHHHAT?? here’s a close up….


lookin' good there

how did it taste? pretty effin delicious. WOW.


take 2: fancy gourmet kfc double down sammich

truly amazing. if u can’t seem to  finish ur kfc double down sammich, U KNOW what to do.

photos courtesy of my partner in kfc double down crimes, djjewelz and check out his double take on this shizz